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The Qi Deficiency Is Real

Raise your paws if you've got LOADS of energy and are feeling INCREDIBLE!!!

Don't feel badly if you didn't raise your paw. As you can tell from the photo above, Gizmo has just enough in him to view the world with one eye open. For him, using both of his eyes is too much at the moment.

Maybe you've had days like this recently where you have no juice in you. No bones. No rev. No sparkle. No nothing. NADA. Zilch.

Many experience this dip in energy, especially after the holidays. The excessive working, eating and drinking plus staying up late for holiday parties that many partake in during the beginning of winter tend to wear out our Qi.

So how does one get their bounce back?

1. Acupuncture. Acupuncture treatment can help get your Qi building and moving again. Many times patients express that they're having trouble sleeping or they're feeling irritable or anxious. Acupuncture can ease these feeling and improve sleep, which can also improve energy levels.

2. Bone Broth. Drinking about 8 ounces of bone broth daily can help build Qi. The best bone broth is the kind you make from scratch with big bones with lots of marrow (sometimes butchers sell these bones). You can also get fresh bone broth at Whole Foods. Do not use the boxed stock on the shelves of the grocery store. While boxed stock that says "bone broth" may be good for cooking, the health benefits are not nearly the same as homemade or fresh bone broth.

3. Sleep. If your body is feeling tired at around 8:30pm, go to bed. Even if it seems too early and you really wanted to watch that movie or answer one more email, go to bed. Because there's less sunlight during this time of year here in the northeast, we do better getting a little extra sleep each night.

4. Light Exercise. If you have it in you to do a 900 calorie cardio kickboxing class, then by all means go for it. But if you're more like Gizmo, do your best to exercise daily. Walking outside (but bundle up!) and breathing in fresh air can build Qi. Twenty minutes of yoga or Qi Gong also builds Qi. A little movement can get your Qi moving and generally make you feel better.

5. Get Outside. Fresh air and time in nature can increase Qi. Even if it's really cold outside, it's worth bundling up and getting outside, even if only for 10 minutes. Believe it or not, there's quite a bit of beauty in nature during this time of year. The sunrises and sunsets can be stunning. The way snow sticks to the trees is beautiful. And when was the last time you stared at an icicle and noticed the light shining through it? Okay....maybe it's been a while since you've seen an icicle because it's been so warm, but when they form again, notice their shape and how the light illuminates them.

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