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Susannah Pitman, MS, LAc

1000 Main Street

Boonton, NJ 07005



My Philosophy

Any state of disease, condition, or discomfort is essentially an out-of-balance state.  The body reacts to disease or conditions by manifesting symptoms, including physical and/or emotional manifestations such as pain, allergies, asthma, digestive disturbances, gynecological problems, sleep difficulties, anxiety, and depression.  Additionally, stress alone without a formal Western diagnosis can cause these same symptoms.  In a day and age where it is hard to escape stress, many people walk around with these symptoms, some of which are so subtle that they may not even be noticeable.  These symptoms represent a state of instability or unevenness within the body, hence an out-of-balance state.

My aim is to help you rebalance your state of being, utilizing a natural and holistic approach.  By addressing the entire body’s impact on each symptom, each treatment is able to provide you with results that will last long and very often with no side effects.  I believe this method is highly effective for helping the body to heal itself, assisting you on your journey back to balance.